About Us

Welcome to Choy’s Flowers and Ikebana

Choy’s Flowers and Ikebana is a full service florist is located in Downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Choy’s Flowers and Ikebana boasts an experienced, award winning design team who are professionally trained by the North Carolina Certified Professional Florist School.

Choy’s Flowers Commitment to excellence, the entire staff of Choy’s Flowers is dedicated to providing you with a professional.

At Choy’s Flowers we strive to provide quality premium flowers. Our Amazing team of designers will work with your aesthetic , needs, budget and your vision to create the perfect weddings, events and daily arrangements.

If you would like to order flowers to be delivered in Hendersonville or the surrounding areas or setup a consultation for your wedding or event please call (828) 693.9998 (locally) to speak directly with one of our amazing designers. You can also e-mail us at choy@choysflowers.com.

About Ikebana

Ikebana, by definition, is the japanese art of flower design. The primary focus is on the sanctity of the individual flower and the flow of line as a design element. Ikebana in Japan stems from floral offerings to altars of one’s departed ancestors and to the image of Buddha.

This custom was introduced from China during the sixth century. During the early 16th century the strict elements of foum were applied to arranging flower materials and ikebana begin to be truly appreciated for its artistic appeal. Ikebana is composed of three basic lines: heaven (shin), man (soe), and earth (tai).

Today ikebana is growing in popularity, and with numerous international ikebana societies it has fast become not only a favorite passtime of gardeners, but a well respected form of art.

About Choy Gillette- Owner and Designer

Choy, a native of South Korea, grew up in downtown Pussan. Her extensive, almost 30 year, history of study entails numerous reputable schools of design, including the Ikebana school, and the Hana art school.

Choy’s talents are not limited to Japanese design. She recently attended the North Carolina Certified Professional Florists Program in Southern Pines before opening her shop in 2003. Education, in combination with her desire to stay current with trends in the floral industry (through shows, trade conventions, symposiums, and most recently  Hiatomi Gilliam’s course) are what set her apart.

Choy is a former member in the Blue Ridge Chapter of Ikebana, the Ikebana International of Asheville, and is a former member of NC State Florist Association. Mrs. Gillette currently resides in Hendersonville and is an accredited member of the business community.

Choy recently completed a Traditional Wedding workshop and completed an Advanced Technique for Contemporary High-Style and European Design. Choy has traveled extensively in Europe, working in many floral shops learning the art and artistry of European-style floral design. Her passion for traveling and her appreciation of different cultures allows her to produce unique events. Her signature design can bring you and your guests the color and spice of Marrakesch, the chic contemporary style of a downtown loft, the enchanting romance of Versailles, or the lush serenity of a bohemian garden.