At Choy’s, we specialize in and have mastered a technique of design that combines the simplicity and lines of ikebana with the mass of Western style to create a look that is known as “High Style”. We carry a large variety of fresh flowers including, but not limited to, Hollands, Exotics, Tropicals, and Orchids. Again, our fresh flowers come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Choy’s Flowers and Ikebana is proud to say that we have the area’s widest variety of high quality silk reproductions. Our reputation for permanent botnicals is one of our “claims to fame.” So realistic that you have to touch them to tell the difference. Our silk arrangements are customized to fit the needs of the individual. All we require are: the dimensions, color scheme, style of the room, and your budget… we will do the rest.

Choy’s is not limited to silk flowers – we carry an extensive line of silk orchids, green planters, trees, faux fruit.

We ship silk arrangements around around the world!
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Orchids are the royalty of plants, with there sculptural elegance and amazing colors. Choy’s has them all… phalaenopsis cymbidiums, oncidiums, cattleyas, dendrobiums, lady’s slippers, and many hard to find.

Our green plants include bamboo, dish gardens, european gardens, fig trees, bonsai and money trees. Our flowering plants consist of calla lillies, anthiriums, peace lillies, bromeliads, african violets, cyclamens, azaleas, and kalanchoes – to name a few.

We can provide care instructions, growing information, and answer most any question pertaining to the growth of your plant.


When someone thinks of a wedding, one of the first things that usually comes to mind are the flowers. The floral arrangements on your big day are often childhood dreams coming true.

At Choy’s we take this responsibility very seriously. When it comes to weddings, we offer a wide range of products and services- from traditional to exotic (and everything in between!)
When choosing a florist you want to first make sure that it is both a reputable establishment and someone you can trust. Weddings take extensive planning and work- you want to ensure that the florist is as thorough as you are.

The decisions for your wedding are endless: hand-tied or cascade bouquets, corsages or tussie mussies, centerpeies or candelabras? At Choy’s we try to help make the decision process as easy as possible. We do this by scheduling a time with our bride, usually about 6 months in advance. At this first consultation, we encourage the bride to bring any pictures, magazine clippings, or items that show what they have in mind. We then go through an extensive checklist (so as not to omit anyone or anything). This attention to detail is what sets us apart. No wedding is too big or too small for Choy’s Flowers and Ikebana!!!

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